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Tue. Jan 19th, 2021
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Producing PDF marketing products that dependably turns readers into sales is more crucial now than ever.

One method to supercharge your marketing product is by including strategically chosen images.

Including the best images to your PDF marketing properties is shown to grow more sales.

Researchers have actually found that human beings keep in mind images much better than words. They think it’s an evolutionary survival function to be able to clearly remember what was seen.

Research study has actually likewise revealed that images are an effective tool for interacting your marketing message and increasing sales.

It might sound surprising, however images are processed in the brain incredibly quickly and the memory of those images are maintained at a far greater rate and for a longer amount of time than words.

Why Including Images to PDFs Works

There are 5 factors that are shown to assist increase the conversion rate of your marketing products.

1. Images Are Mentally Engaging

Images are a fantastic method to engage readers with a favorable psychological effect.


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Research study has actually revealed that images can affect a reader’s state of mind.

What is essential about this is that this psychological impact can really assist your marketing message make it through.

Another advantage of engaging a customer on a psychological level is that it assists to hold the readers attention, keeps them engaged with the marketing product.

According to a term paper entitled, Impact of Images in Print Media.

” … images have an undisputed capability to excite feelings, and includes that such feeling might affect mindsets straight or indirectly by affecting message processing.

Strivers (1994) thought visual images interest humans on a feelings level and presumed the more lively, fired up, or encouraging an image is, the most likely it will impact a person. In the marketing context, comparable results are notable.

Considering that images can produce a sense of drama, they hold an audience’s attention and produce psychological participation leading to individual recognition in between the topics of the story and the audience.”


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For some context, it’s an excellent concept to reveal images that reveal an individual experiencing or revealing success while utilizing the services or product that is the topic of the marketing product.

It permits the individual seeing the marketing product to see themselves into the image, as the research study states, it develops “individual recognition in between the topics of the audience.”

Constantly offer the advantage that the item supplies.

An image that interacts the advantage remains ingrained with the customer for a long period of time.

2. Images Minimize Checking Out Tiredness

A page of text can look daunting.

And despite the fact that a prospective customer is inspired to check out the marketing product to comprehend if your product or services are an excellent fit, a page of words still seems like a task.

Images can separate the textual passages while likewise interacting your marketing message.

Hence they function as islands of visual rest in between the words however likewise continue the procedure of favorable messaging, affecting the sale.

3. Images Are Easier to keep in mind

Scientific research study has actually found that the mind has an exceptional capability to remember images. Images that human beings see stick to them.

That makes images an incredibly efficient method to communicate a feeling or a message.

It has actually been understood for years from numerous experiments that human beings can keep in mind over 2,000 images seen over screening throughout numerous days with 90% precision.

This applied even with images that were seen for just short quantities of time.

In a research study called, Neural Correlates of the Episodic Encoding of Pictures and Words, scientists utilized neuroimaging on the brain with guinea pig checking out text and seeing images.

The objective was to see how the brain processed words and images and to discover a description of why images can be recalled so well.

It was identified that the areas of the brain associated with processing images are straight associated with memory.

This is how it works:

” …( The) median temporal cortex has actually long been understood from sore experiments to be essential for episodic memory and might be especially essential for encoding brand-new details.

The higher activity in median temporal cortex throughout encoding of images compared to words recommends that images more straight or successfully engage these memory-related areas in the brain, therefore leading to remarkable recollection of these products.”


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They likewise found that the areas of the brain related to reading words are not related to memory jobs.

” Words, on the other hand, trigger left hemisphere areas formerly revealed to be associated with language jobs, consisting of left frontal, temporal, and parietal areas. This outcome suggests that encoding of words mostly conjures up a dispersed system of areas associated with linguistic processing that is less able to support later retrieval from episodic memory.”

The research study remembered a theory that proposes that a reason images work so well is since they are associated in the mind with previous experiences.

It specifies:

” One theory of the system underlying remarkable photo memory is that images instantly engage numerous representations and associations with other understanding about the world, therefore motivating a more intricate encoding than accompanies words. This theory suggests that there are qualitative distinctions in between the methods words and images are processed throughout memory.”

4. Charts Interact Aesthetically

As kept in mind above, visual representations of ideas can be processed and kept in mind much better than simply words.


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However another remarkable quality of images is that they are processed at exceptional speeds.

What takes 20 seconds to interact by reading can be interacted in milliseconds with an image.

The procedure of watching is connected to recognizing principles.

By utilizing a chart or other comparable visualization of success, an online marketer is successfully interacting the idea itself by means of the mechanism of visual stimulation.

An MIT news short article, MIT Neuroscientists Find the Brain Can Identify Images Seen for as Little as 13 Milliseconds, discusses the information.

The report states:

” … a group of neuroscientists from MIT has actually discovered that the human brain can process whole images that the eye sees for just 13 milliseconds– the very first proof of such quick processing speed.

… The reality that you can do that at these high speeds shows to us that what vision does is discover principles. That’s what the brain is doing all day– attempting to comprehend what we’re taking a look at,” states Mary Potter, an MIT teacher of brain and cognitive sciences and senior author of the research study.

… This rapid-fire processing might assist direct the eyes, which move their look 3 times per 2nd, to their next target, Potter states. “The task of the eyes is not just to get the details into the brain, however to enable the brain to consider it quickly enough to understand what you must take a look at next. So in basic we’re adjusting our eyes so they walk around simply as typically as possible constant with comprehending what we’re seeing,” she states.”


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5. Images Build Trust & & Boost Success

eBay investigated the sales data and functions of numerous countless sales.

The function of the research study was to figure out if images favorably impacted the conversion rate (the rate of the number of individuals searching relied on purchasers), to name a few aspects.

eBay found that images perform in reality have a favorable impact on holding a purchaser’s attention, constructing rely on the seller, and increasing the conversion rate.

Here’s that research study: Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words? – On the Role of Images in E-commerce (PDF).

According to the research study by eBay on numerous countless auctions:

” Our outcomes reveal favorable proof that images assist increase purchaser’s attention, trust and conversion rate.

Amongst the 3 residential or commercial properties of images, our research study reveals that increasing variety of pictures of the item– which is comparable to supplying a more total graph of the item, is a reliable method to enhance sell-through.”

Part of the research study took a look at items that stopped working to offer and were consequently re-listed for sale. They took a look at more than 55,000 sales.


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What they found was a strong connection in between including more images and success.

According to the research study:

” Strong connection in between increment in picture count and revenue rate. … We discovered a clear pattern that as picture count boosts, the possibility of making revenue likewise increases.”

Especially for marketing products including items, including more images is related to greater sales and success within the context of the auctions.

It might work to include more pictures of product and services outcomes as this might assist increase trust and sales.

Think About Including Images to PDF Marketing Products

It’s clear that including images to PDF marketing products is a winning technique for increasing sales, promoting a favorable psychological reaction, and interacting your message effectively.

Possibly it’s time to offer your marketing product a review.

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