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Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
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If you resemble me, when you begin constructing a brand-new affiliate site or get an existing one, you do whatever in your power to put the website in a position to be successful as quickly as possible.

You may even call it a healthy fixation …

So last month’s case study was a beast– covering whatever from the total redesign of Job Cashflow to technical SEO, brand-new material and material optimization, and our detailed procedure for working with authors.

Job Cashflow Month 2 is more about the incremental actions our group is requiring to reach page one.

You’ll find out how I approach:

Roll up your sleeves– and let’s get to work.

Material Optimization

Project Cashflow Content Optimization

We started the procedure of enhancing the existing material on Job Cashflow last month, however this month we took it even more.

A lot of the material modifications we made this month were as much to do with CRO as SEO.

Our material editor honed and polished the composing on existing pages.

Removing weak points in the material such as:

From a more technical point of view, we plugged each private post into Surfer’s material editor to ensure each page was enhanced for single keywords and expressions based on Internet user’s ideas.

Changing Material and 301 s

Some material simply isn’t worth conserving …

When no quantity of editorial triage can save a terribly composed piece with bad material circulation, you’re much better off simply cutting your losses and carrying on.

replace content and 301 redirect

With Job Cashflow, 2 main pages associated with our primary affiliate deal were comatose– almost unnoticeable in the SERPs.

So we ended and composed completely brand-new material for each page.

If you’re producing material for pages that are deadweight, take the chance to enhance the URLs for the target keywords …

Then established 301 reroutes to the brand-new URLs, where you release the fresh material for each subject.

Google has yet to “acknowledge” Job Cashflow’s brand-new URLs yet, however it’s simply a matter of time.

Subtopics and Subheadings

Next, we took a more detailed take a look at subtopics and subheadings on each page on the site– H2s and H3s.

H2 and H3 subheadings greatly affect Google’s decision of how well you have actually responded to a search inquiry.

Here’s our three-step procedure that you can utilize for enhancing subtopics and subheadings:

Individuals Likewise Ask likewise offers you a plan to produce a Frequently Asked Question area at the bottom of essential pages– specifically for long-form material. This can assist you produce extra traffic for associated long-tail keywords.

FAQ section Project Cashflow

The overarching objective of this procedure is to have the most thorough piece of material for the target keywords you’re attempting to rank for– and to structure the post so that Google acknowledges it as the very best resource.

Even if you release the most well-written and extensive post targeting a keyword, that frequently isn’t sufficient to rank unless you structure it in a manner that Google comprehends.

New Material

Given That Month One, we released 15 brand-new short articles on Job Cashflow– all of them targeted and constructing topical importance for our primary keyword.

The supreme objective of these brand-new short articles is to drive more traffic and greater rankings for our most profitable affiliate offering.

classy new content meme

Each of the 15 brand-new posts are greatly concentrated on single item evaluations and contrasts– with a specific focus on “versus” keywords.

Versus keywords are keywords that compare 2 associated however various and normally completing items.

For instance: Windows vs. Mac OS, Thrive Designer vs. Elementor, Paleo vs. Keto, and so on

Versus keywords are effective since individuals who look for them are normally even more along in the sales journey.

They currently have some understanding about the item they’re thinking of acquiring, and they’re at the “window shopping” phase, searching for the very best alternative.

Answer the Public and AlsoAsked can be helpful tools when attempting to surface area versus keywords.

Round It Up

project cashflow expert roundup

No doubt you’re thoroughly acquainted with that staple of any content online marketer’s diet plan– the specialist roundup.

There are numerous reasons that roundup posts are so popular:

Our material group at LeadSpring frequently produces roundup posts for our portfolio of affiliate websites, however for the very first Job Cashflow roundup post, we chose to contract out …

I worked with Minuca Elena— an SEO who focuses on specialist roundups.

Minuca manages every element of producing a roundup post. Normally, this consists of outreach and follow-up with pertinent professionals, influencers, and blog writers– along with content production.

Completion item is a completed roundup post, prepared for you to release on your website.

Whether you produce them yourself or decide to contract out, roundup posts are definitely worth an appearance as part of your material production and link structure method.

Link Structure

Last month, we started our link structure project for Job Cashflow with 12 visitor post links from Authority Builders.

At the exact same time, our link structure group got going on scraping contacts and started e-mail outreach for link insertion chances.


Doing your link structure in-house has both benefits and drawbacks …

Acquiring visitor posts from a reputable supplier is pain-free and practically instant …

That’s a huge part of the reason that we kick-started our link speed for Job Cashflow right now with visitor posts from Authority Builders.

However visitor posts are just one part of my link structure method …

If you wish to wish to check out every opportunity for constructing brand-new links, you owe it to yourself to think about link insertions.

Depending upon the variety of backlinks you’re aiming to source it may likewise make good sense for you to bring a devoted link contractor on board.

Naturally, you can do it yourself, however outreach for link structure is a load of work and challenging to scale by yourself.

For Job Cashflow, it took nearly a month for our link structure group to put together contacts, produce e-mail design templates, and start landing link insertion chances.

All that effort has actually simply begun to settle– here are our outcomes for December from internal link structure:

As constantly, link juice spends some time to stream with Google, however we’re anticipating a good dive in next month’s rankings thanks to our group’s efforts.

The 301 Acquisition Technique

One brand-new link structure method we put in location this month, that I want to have a favorable long term SEO effect, was getting an existing, aged domain in the exact same specific niche as Job Cashflow.

When acquired, we utilized a 301 reroute to send out all of the domain’s traffic and existing backlinks to Job Cashflow …

301 redirect illustration

301 redirects are mainly planned to be utilized when a site, or a page on the website, completely transfers to a brand-new URL.

However 301 s likewise have lots of SEO applications– consisting of passing link equity and traffic from one domain to another.

Historically, experts thought that 301 reroutes led to a +/- 15% drop in PageRank– which is still a vital ranking aspect.

Nevertheless, in 2016, Google stated that 301 s no longer trigger any loss in PageRank.

301 redirect dont lose page rank tweet

In theory, this implies you can pass along a lot of– even all– of the existing link juice from pages on a website you get to pages on your cash website.

The capability to reroute backlink authority from an aged domain is what makes 301 reroutes appealing as a possibly effective ranking tool …

However just like practically any SEO method, you require to method 301 reroutes from a website you have actually obtained with care.

The jury’s still out on whether the method I have actually taken with this 301 acquisition for Job Cashflow will move the needle …

However you will learn precisely how I did it detailed …

1. Discovering the Right Aged Domain


You can look for aged domains on auction websites or utilize resources like Sean Markey’s SEM Newsletter

However searching down a domain with authority pertinent to your micro-niche utilizing these approaches can take a long time.

Considering that my objective is to rank Job Cashflow as rapidly as possible, I relied on a brand-new source: ODYS GLOBAL.

I welcomed ODYS creator Alex Drew to share some details about the service with you:

” ODYS GLOBAL supplies premium/brandable aged domains with significant natural SEO authority.

We do not purchase domains even if they have a ‘cool’ name– unless the website likewise has effective, well-vetted natural backlinks (and, in many cases, traffic.)

ODYS likewise does not provide domains simply for the sake of SEO– believe ‘abc-congress-world2016 org’– no matter how gleaming tidy and high-authority the link profile.

ODYS domains are mainly planned for start-ups and online organization endeavors searching for a top quality domain with SEO authority currently in location.

However lots of customers likewise get ODYS domains to benefit from existing backlinks, trust, authority, and traffic utilizing the 301 acquisition technique.

Alex Drew Odys Alex Drew
ODYS Worldwide Creator

2. Acquired the Niche-Relevant Aged Domain from ODYS

ODYS had the ability to assist us source an aged domain from their stock that was extremely pertinent to Job Cashflow’s specific niche.

When you get a website from ODYS it’s live and hosted long prior to you even make the purchase. That implies the domain was practically great to choose usage as either a cash website or (in our case) for a 301 reroute to the pertinent page on Job Cashflow.

purchased aged domain project cashflow

3. Released a Devoted Page on Job Cashflow for the 301 Redirect

Instead of rerouting the ODYS domain to Job Cashflow’s homepage or among our cash pages, we produced a devoted “acquisition page” on Job Cashflow explaining the merger of the 2 “business.”

project cashflow acquisition page

The material on the acquisition page concentrates on why integrating the 2 websites implies a much better experience for our possible audience. We likewise summed up the history and initial objective of the domain obtained from ODYS.

We developed internal links from the acquisition page to our leading 3 cash pages on Job Cashflow to attempt to pass along link juice from the ODYS website. We likewise connected to the acquisition page from our About United States page.

By taking this method, our objective is to make the acquisition appearance as “natural” as any organization purchasing another business in the exact same market. While at the exact same time, passing along as much link juice as possible from the ODYS website.

4. 301′ ing the Odys Domain Utilizing a Wildcard Redirect

If you’re moving a website you currently own to a brand-new domain, the most convenient and most typical method to completely reroute your traffic and authority is at the domain level.

Normally, this is quickly achieved by making the modification yourself in the control board of your domain registrar (GoDaddy, Google Domains, Namecheap and so on)


However there’s more than one method to do it …

From a technical point of view, you can provide the exact same result as a domain-level 301 at the hosting level and even the CDN-level if the website you want to reroute has one in location.

That’s precisely what I did …

The ODYS website and all its pages were rerouted to the Job Cashflow acquisition page through Cloudlflare– the ODYS website’s CDN.

To achieve this, we utilized a wildcard 301 redirect.

With a wildcard 301 redirect, every page on the ODYS website is rerouted to the acquisition page on Job Cashflow.

A wildcard redirect is a basic service to send out all the traffic and links from the whole domain to your cash website the exact same method a domain-level 301 would be …

However it’s not constantly something you ought to do after getting an aged website for link structure functions.

With this specific ODYS domain, the huge bulk of external links went to the homepage.

If private pages on the ODYS website had a considerable variety of backlinks, it would have deserved recreating the old pages on Job Cashflow with comparable material.

In this case, no pages besides the homepage had sufficient backlinks to make it worth the effort.

301 wildcard redicrect illustration

The 301 wildcard redirect entered into result at the start of January. Normally, it takes a minimum of 30 days for any SEO take advantage of the 301 to start …

So we have not seen any effect from the acquisition right now, however (fingers crossed), I’ll have some great news to show you next month.

Exist any dangers to utilizing the 301 acquisition technique?

Sure, there are dangers related to any grey-hat SEO method.

We weighed up the advantages and disadvantages and chose that the link juice deserved the capture.

Paid Hyperlinks

Normally we get any backlinks we do not construct internal from Authority Builders.

However with a micro-niche website like Job Cashflow, you’re often much better off purchasing extra links from a customized provider.

We sourced a supplier that focuses on the education specific niche and acquired 2 high-powered EDU links from 2 various sites with an Ahrefs Domain Score of 80+.

dr80+ links to project cashflow

For both links, we utilized niche-specific target anchor text directed to our leading cash page.

Google indexed both links right at the end of 2020 and now we’re waiting to see what effect they have on our rankings.

Money Making

In Project Cashflow Month Zero, I shared the reality that the entire factor I obtained a website in the education specific niche in the very first location was since of a hot suggestion on a rewarding affiliate program from among our affiliate supervisors.

That deal is Job Cashflow’s main focus, however you constantly wish to include as lots of pertinent earnings streams as possible.

As you might have found yourself, that can be simpler stated than done.


When performing a rival analysis, among the lots of things I take a look at is what affiliate programs the sites ranking on page one for our target keywords are taking part in.

When it comes to Job Cashflow, there are various affiliate items promoted by completing sites that are extremely pertinent to our microniche …

So, obviously, we want to include them to our offering.

However getting these programs to react to email and telephone call asking for to sign Job Cashflow up has actually resembled banging our heads versus the wall.

You would believe any affiliate program would invite extra trusted online marketers with open arms, however that’s not constantly how it works.

If you have actually ever discovered yourself in this dilemma, I want I might state I had a service for you besides “be consistent.”

For Job Cashflow, we’re waiting on when we have more traffic and take advantage of in the specific niche prior to making a more collective effort to pursue the affiliate programs that have actually been unresponsive.

E-A-T and CRO

Last month, you discovered in fantastic information about how we enhance E-A-T by taking actions to make an affiliate website appear more like a “genuine” organization.

In Month 2, we made more modifications that ought to assist futureproof Job Cashflow versus algorithm modifications that offer more weight to E-A-T in the future …

However today, those modifications are more about CRO.

fascinating tyson meme

E-A-T is another location where there is a huge overlap in between CRO and SEO …

Not just do steps you require to construct your website’s authority and trust possibly assist your website with Google, however they likewise assist offer possible clients faith in your organization.

In Month 2, we made substantial modifications to Job Cashflow’s About Page.

While I do not anticipate this to pay any instant SEO dividends, it can assist impart rely on possible clients.

The initial About Page was actually simply what the website had to do with:

Our brand-new About Page precisely mirrors what you would get out of a “genuine” organization:

The initial About Page made it generously clear that Job Cashflow was absolutely nothing however an affiliate “cash” website.

The brand-new About Page highlights the website’s authority and advantage to the user.

Website Style

After last month’s total website redesign, we just made a couple of extra– however significant– modifications to Job Cashflow’s style:

Effect of the December Core Update

Like everybody else, I’m still attempting to determine precisely what altered with Google’s December core upgrade …

However we did see a minimum of one advantage.

3 of our secondary item classifications– each of which just had a couple of pages committed to them– leapt in the rankings by 20 to 40 positions.

Project Cashflow jumped in the rankings

Sadly, these classifications are unassociated to our primary lucrative affiliate deal …

However why skip a chance to drive extra earnings??

We instantly started producing extra material for each of the 3 classifications, which may result in a good additional earnings stream.


december to income stream graph project cashflow

Considered That Job Cashflow remains in the education specific niche, it’s little surprise that natural traffic stayed fixed in December and even dipped a bit throughout the holiday.

Individuals are most likely more worried with requiring time off and unwinding throughout the vacations than searching for items in Job Cashflow’s specific niche.

However we have actually seen a good uptick in traffic considering that the start of 2021– possibly Job Cashflow’s audience’s New Year’s resolutions are beginning.

When it comes to earnings, Job Cashflow was just generated income from throughout December 2019– so a year- over-year contrast is relatively worthless:

As you’ll remember from previous installations of Job Cashflow, brand-new non-Amazon affiliate deals are the main factor I obtained the website in the very first location …

We’ll be searching for a considerable boost in earnings from the brand-new offering in 2021.

Based upon the historical seasonality of profits in the specific niche, sales begin to increase in March and our huge months are most likely to be Might and June.

Ideally, great timing for all our SEO efforts to begin bearing more fruit.

Last Ideas

Job Cashflow Month 2’s greatest takeaway is that SEO is a video game of perseverance– for everybody.

Even leveraging LeadSpring’s substantial resources and proficiency does not ensure rank boners over night.

The links you construct today and the on-page SEO you labor away at can take months to show in the rankings.

In the meantime, I recommend you follow my SEO slogan: Do all the important things.

If you wish to find out precisely what I suggest by that and how I approach affiliate SEO detailed, have a look at The Affiliate Lab.

And keep an eye out for next month’s installation of Job Cashflow …

Join us on our march towards page one.

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