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Thu. Feb 25th, 2021
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In March 2018, we restored our YouTube channel and grew it from 14 k customers to over 180 k customers.

ahrefs youtube subs

We did this by following a list of tested methods that assisted us get more customers to our YouTube channel.

In this post, I’ll share those methods with you.

  1. Target topics that people are searching for
  2. Keep your channel’s theme tight
  3. Give people what they’re looking for
  4. Double down on formats that work
  5. Publish on a consistent schedule
  6. Add your videos to a playlist
  7. Link to your YouTube channel from external sources
  8. Use YouTube’s interactive features
  9. Ask your viewers to subscribe

1. Target subjects that individuals are looking for

If nobody is seeing your videos in the very first location, then nobody will subscribe. Views are a requirement to getting customers.

How can you get more views on your YouTube videos?

Produce videos about the subjects that individuals are looking for and rank in YouTube search.

How do you discover these subjects?

Usage ourfree YouTube Keyword tool Simply get in any subject, and it’ll reveal you as much as 150 keywords and their approximated regular monthly search volumes.

youtube keyword tool bbq

Searching for a bigger swimming pool of concepts?

Usage Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer to pull all concepts from our database of over 800 million YouTube keywords.

1 keywords explorer

As Soon As that’s done, you require to produce an enhanced video that’ll rank in YouTube search engine result. Follow this tutorial to find out how to produce it, or watch this video:

If we presume that a portion of all audiences wind up signing up for your channel, then it stands to factor that more views equate to more customers.

2. Keep your channel’s style tight

Even if individuals are looking for something does not always suggest that you ought to make a video about it.

For instance, 3,000 individuals are looking for “hainanese chicken rice” monthly in the U.S:

Although we might release a video about this subject, rank in search, and draw in lots of audiences and customers, it would not be a clever relocation since it has absolutely nothing to do with SEO, the subject our customers care about.

That isn’t helpful for 2 factors:

  1. They’ll unsubscribe. If this occurs, what’s the point in getting customers in the very first location?
  2. They’ll tinker our video’s engagement. Does not like, unfavorable remarks, brief watch times– anticipate all this and more if your customers do not like your video.

If you’re questioning why that 2nd point has anything to do with customers, your video’s engagement (or do not have thereof) can impact its rankings in YouTube search. It can likewise affect whether it appears in the sidebar as a recommended video.

2 youtube suggested

These 2 traffic sources tend to send out the most constant views, which leads to a consistent stream of customers.

3 youtube analytics

Because of that, you ought to keep your channel’s style as tight as possible– particularly in the early days of your channel.

That’s what we did. We began by focusing exclusively on subjects associated with SEO

ahrefs youtube channel

This made it simpler to make our customers’ engagement, have YouTube promote our videos to brand-new however comparable audiences, and get more customers.

3. Offer individuals what they’re trying to find

If your video’s title is “Tesla Design 3 vs. Tesla Design Y”, however the very first 3 minutes of your video have to do with BMWs, then your audiences are going to bounce and will not subscribe.

An excellent YouTube video is one that serves the audience’s desires and requires.

How do you understand what your audiences desire?

For some subjects, it’s quite uncomplicated. A subject like “how to make rushed eggs” implies audiences desire a tutorial on making rushed eggs.

YouTube concurs, as all the leading outcomes are specifically this:

youtube search

For other subjects, it’s not that uncomplicated. Take the subject, “nintendo switch video games” as an example. Do individuals wish to see evaluations? A list? Gameplays?

To figure that out, get in that subject into YouTube and see what’s ranking. In this case, they’re primarily roundups of the very best video games of all time:

nintendo switch games

If YouTube is extremely ranking a particular video format, as holds true above, then you’ll probably require to produce something comparable to stand an opportunity at ranking.

4. Double down on formats that work

It may appear that growing our customer base was all sunlight and roses, however it wasn’t. We still made errors along the method.

For instance, in 2018, Sam Oh, our YouTube person, got the chance to take a trip to Ahrefs’ head office in Singapore. At the time, we had around 30,000 YouTube customers.

We believed our audience may delight in a vlog of Sam’s experience checking out Singapore.

1357  Meet Ahrefs and  Their  Yacht  Sam Oh in Singapore   YouTube

We were totally incorrect.

Sam’s Singapore vlog was the only video on our whole channel that led to net-zero customers.

4 sam oh in singapore stats

So we unlisted it.

The truth is that our customers just appreciate SEO and digital marketing tutorials that assist them get outcomes for their sites, YouTube channels, and services. And you’ll see that’s all we release now.

ahrefs youtube channel 1

While this does not suggest you should not explore brand-new formats, it’s a pointer that when you have actually discovered one that works, stick to it.

5. Release on a constant schedule

Just when we began releasing one video weekly in 2018 did our customers really start to grow.

5 youtube subscriber growth

Devoting to a weekly publishing schedule indicated we had the ability to produce more material. More content indicated more views. More views indicated more individuals most likely to register for our channel, and as an outcome, our customer count went up.

So, if you wish to get more customers on YouTube, discover a publishing schedule you’re comfy with and stay with it.

Doing this will avoid you from making the typical novice error of publishing when and vanishing for a couple of months.

The advantage is: it does not need to be a weekly video either. All that matters is that you have the ability to stay with your schedule regularly.

6. Include your videos to a playlist

On YouTube, you can include your videos to several playlists:

ahrefs youtube playlists

While playlists will not make memberships straight, they increase the probability of somebody seeing more than one video. And the more direct exposure they need to your material, the most likely they are to strike the subscribe button.

Playlists are a win in every method. They enhance user experience, user engagement, and result in more customers.

7. Link to your YouTube channel from external sources

When we take a look at our channel analytics, it’s clear that our channel homepage is our 2nd greatest motorist of customers.

6 your youtube channel stats

Simply put, the more individuals we can drive there, the more customers we’ll likely get.

That is among the factors we connect to our YouTube channel homepage from our other marketing channels. For example, our website homepage:

7 ahrefs homepage

And much of our blog posts:

9 ahrefs blog post

However we do not simply restrict it to the possessions we can manage. For instance, when somebody from the marketing group is spoken with on a podcast (or lectures), and the host asks where their audience can discover more about us, we frequently inform them to look for Ahrefs on YouTube.

And naturally, podcast hosts will connect to our channel from the episode we did together.

eofire podcast tim soulo

An interview with our Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Soulo, on the Business owner on Fire podcast

8. Usage YouTube’s interactive functions

YouTube uses a couple of interactive functions that you can contribute to your video to motivate individuals to subscribe. For instance, you can include watermarks:

10 ahrefs watermark

When an audience clicks the watermark in any of your videos, it raises the subscribe button. You can likewise include end screen membership buttons:

11 endscreen subscription

Now, these functions have actually just been accountable for around 1.5% of our customers in 2020, so do not raise your expectations and amazingly anticipate them to increase your membership rate.

12 interactive features stats

However considering that they take just a few minutes to include and still add to your general customer base, it’s still worth including them to your videos.

9. Ask your audiences to subscribe

Not all your audiences are customers, so do not forget to ask to subscribe.

The basic format we utilize is quite easy– we include the “ask” and inform them why. So, for our routine videos, we’ll simply state, “ensure to subscribe for more actionable SEO and marketing tutorials.”

end screen cta

And if we’re doing a series of videos, then our “ask” would be “ensure to subscribe so you do not miss out on the next video in the series.”

Simply take care not to exaggerate this. Lots of YouTube developers spam the “ask” in several parts of the video: the start, a couple of times in the middle, and the end.

Not just is this unhelpful, however it is likewise frustrating, which might turn audiences off from subscribing. That’s why we keep the ask to a minimum by including it to the end of our videos.

Last ideas

We have actually utilized these strategies with fantastic success on our YouTube channel, and there’s no factor they should not work for you.

Required more strategies on how to get more views on YouTube? Read this post.

Wish to find out how to rank your videos in Google search? Check this post out.

Did I lose out on any cool strategies to get more customers on YouTube? Let me know on Twitter.

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