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Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
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A member of the search neighborhood declared in a tweet that her customer was clearly informed by Google that investing more on pay per click (Pay Per Click) marketing would enhance their natural search rankings.

The allegation was stunning to lots of in the Twitter thread due to the fact that Google has actually long firmly insisted there is no direct influence on natural rankings from utilizing their marketing.

Google’s Policy on Marketing and Browse

Google has actually long kept that there is a firewall software in between the paid side and the natural side which both sides do not interact.

Surprising Solicitation From Google Alleged

Due to the fact that Google has actually kept this separation in between the paid and natural sides of Google one search online marketer revealed shock on Twitter after a customer was gotten from Google’s Pay Per Click sales to increase their costs in order to increase their rankings.

” Shakedown” of a Google Advertisements Client?

The word “ shakedown” has numerous significances, consisting of extortion. Extortion implies making somebody spend for something by force of a danger. It’s a word that indicates corruption.


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Fittingly, the word shakedown conjures the images of holding somebody upside down by the heels and shaking their cash out of their pockets.

She tweeted:

” I’m unsure yet how to process the truth that Google simply did a shakedown of among our customers. In essence, they were informed to invest more on paid advertisements in order to enhance natural search * for their trademark name. *”

She then followed up with:

” for a long period of time, those people active in SEO understood that Google would do this, however Google constantly rejected it.

It actually struck in a different way to see them state it aloud.”

Individual Insists this is Not a Misinterpreting

Naturally (and fairly), some asked if it were possible that this was a miscommunication.

The response from the individual reporting the supposed event was no, they reported that this was not a miscommunication.


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They stated that the supposed solicitation from the Google sales representative was unambiguous. They stated that the Google Advertisements sales representative had actually clearly connected enhancement of natural rankings to a boost in advertisement costs.

This wasn’t simply something that was declared to have actually been interacted orally either. The individual stating the supposed event stated that the Google sales representative had actually put it in composing in an e-mail.

She tweeted:

” Luckily, our customer forwarded the e-mail with a “holy cow I can’t think they put it in composing. What do you believe?”

We have advanced and wise customers.”

Then followed up in the Twitter thread:

” I require to ask you to trust me when I state it was outright quid professional quo. I choose not to be more particular in public today while I wait to see if this is news or not.”

Google’s Danny Sullivan Intervenes

Maybe no one was more worried than Danny Sullivan.

He stopped into the conversation to tweet a response:

” Advertisement invest will not increase your SEO. At all. And if you wish to DM me the details, I’ll follow up with the @GoogleAds group to find why this got stated. Due to the fact that it ought to never ever be stated, due to the fact that it definitely does not work that method.”

Somebody reacted that Pay Per Click should not utilize natural to offer more advertisements.

Google’s Danny Sullivan verified that he had actually currently acted.

He tweeted:

” It will be attended to. I have actually currently send out some e-mails about it now. I’m thinking that possibly the associate was referencing some research studies I remember that often, users may click more on either advertisements or overdue search results page when both exist. Which is NOT a method to improve SEO ranking …”


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In response to another person, Danny responded:

The conversation ended silently with the initial poster verifying that Danny had actually called her.

Google Pay Per Click and Organic Browse Separation

Google was initially an advertisement complimentary service. This assisted Google get appeal due to the fact that the other online search engine were larded over with banner advertisements, making search a bad user experience.

So when Google lastly presented marketing they promised that the marketing side would never ever affect the natural search rankings.

While throughout the years Google’s been implicated of collaborating with the paid search side to reveal bad search results page in order to motivate more advertisement clicks, those were normally concepts from the fringe corners of search marketing, unwarranted conspiracy theories.


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Most of individuals because Twitter conversation appeared to think that the supposed event was not a typical occasion. Read the Twitter discussion here.

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