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Tue. Jan 19th, 2021
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Google revealed that it is sending notifications to let publishers understand that Google has actually started crawling their sites with the innovative HTTP/2 procedure. The notification is just being sent to those whose websites have actually been updated.

Why HTTP/2

HTTP/2 (likewise described as h2) is a network procedure that servers, web browsers and bots can utilize to move information from a server.

HTTP/2 is more effective than the older HTTP/1.1 procedure and has the ability to move information at faster rates the older procedure.

The advantage for publishers is that this will lead to less server load, which implies there is a reduced possibility of a mistake (like a timeout mistake) when Google is crawling a website at the exact same time the server is under a heavy load.

An extra benefit is that with less stress the website will be able toremain zippy for users that are accessing the site.

Screenshot http/2

The statement that Google was sending notifications was made over Twitter by Google’s Gary Illyes.

The tweet said:


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” simply pushed the button to send out a big batch of messages to websites which have actually been chosen in to HTTP/2 crawling. if something is unclear, follow the link in the message”

It was accompanied by a screenshot of an example of a notification, revealing what it appears like.

Screenshot http/2

Another tweet suggested that Googlebot’s HTTP/2 crawling is gradually coming online, not simultaneously.


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According to Gary:

” the h2 spider traffic is slowly increase, it’s not like you got the message and unexpectedly all crawl is h2. it may take a couple of days”

Will Googlebot Crawl all Qualified Websites?

Google will identify whether a website take advantage of the brand-new HTTP/2 crawl. If it sees there is no advantage then Google might choose not to utilize the brand-new HTTP/2 procedure.

According to Google:

” In our assessments we discovered little to no advantage for specific websites (for instance, those with extremely low qps) when crawling over h2. For that reason we have actually chosen to change crawling to h2 just when there’s clear advantage for the website. We’ll continue to examine the efficiency gains and might alter our requirements for changing in the future.”


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Crawling with HTTP/2 likewise depends upon whether your server is established to manage it. If you do not understand if your website can manage HTTP/2 crawling give it a check at KeyCDN.

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