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Wed. Feb 24th, 2021
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Google upgraded the Occasions structured information requirements. The upgrade impacts the offers.priceCurrency residential or commercial property. This modification impacts publishers who charge for occasions and wish to have their occasions revealed on Google. These requirements likewise impact paid online/home occasions.

Google Occasions Structured Data

The Google occasions structured information permits occasion organizers to be found in Google Browse and Google Maps. At first established for physical occasions, the structured information is likewise suitable for online occasions associated to home activities.

House activity occasions consist of video live-streams, pre-recorded video and online occasions. Examples of house activities are physical fitness exercise occasions.

Using the Occasion structured information makes an occasion eligible to be shown as an abundant outcome on Google search, as part of what Google calls the “occasion experience” in Google search.


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Using the Occasion structured information does not ensure an abundant outcome screen in Google. It just makes the occasion eligible.

In order to be qualified, all of the needed structured information should exist to Google in the JSON-LD structured information, precisely as needed.

Failure to utilize all of the needed structured information can lead to no longer being qualified for the occasion experience in Google search. Which’s why this modification is really crucial.

The offers.priceCurrency residential or commercial property is a needed residential or commercial property. This implies that if Google discovers it missing out on then then occasion might end up being disqualified.

Interactive Search Engine Result

Google reports in a case study of the Occasion structured information, that using structured information for occasions assisted Eventbrite acquire a 100% boost in search traffic.


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The structured information permits Google to show the occasion in Google search to prospective consumers.

According to Eventbrite:

” Within 2 or 3 weeks we began seeing a visual distinction in our occasion search engine result on Google,” Jilo states. “The Google Browse experience absolutely assists drive more eyeballs to occasion pages. And when those individuals transform, it equates to incremental ticket sales for our occasion developers.”

offers.priceCurrency Structured Data

The offers.priceCurrency structured information is a requirement to mention the currency of the rate of the occasion by utilizing the 3-letter ISO 4217 currency code. For instance, the United States dollar 3-letter ISO 4217 currency code is USD.

Here is an example of what that appears like in structured information:

" deals": {
" @type": "Deal",.
" priceCurrency": "USD".

Most likely, publishers who charge for an occasion currently have the majority of the structured information code currently in location. The only extra piece to include is the priceCurrency part.


Check Out the Event structured data Google developer page with all requirements.

Check out the particular part of Occasion structured information page that associates with the priceCurrency property requirement

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