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Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
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2020 has been rather the year, hasn’t it?

I understand I personally have actually discovered solace through these uncomfortable times by doing what constantly makes me feel much better when I’m down: purchasing enormous quantities of product things!

Jokes aside.

I have actually come across some impactful product or services throughout the year that I want to show you, much like I do every year, without any affiliate links.

Here’s a list of my preferred purchases of 2020.


Kindle + Audible Mix

kindle and audible

I have actually constantly had a Kindle for checking out e-books.

I have actually constantly had Audible for noting to audiobooks on my iPhone.

However this year I lastly found utilizing them at the exact same fucking time!!

Check out the book aesthetically on your Kindle while the audiobook is reading to you at 1.5 x– 2x speed.

You’ll feast on books at lightspeed, however the absorption level stays high, as if you read.

You can even have the Kindle app on iPad handle both services for an even much better experience (it highlights the text as it checks out to you).

Note: you need to purchase both the eBook and the audio variations of a book, however I inform you, this is a gamechanger.

Samsung 34 ″ Ultra-Wide Screen


I remained in the dual-screen camp for a long period of time.

I do not understand why it took me so long to attempt an ultra-wide. I think I believed things would look wacky all extended over a substantial screen.

Now, I can’t return.

Work is more effective, video gaming is substantially much better, and my total satisfaction of my 2 nd better half (my PC) is greater.

ultrawide monitor bruh meme

The only drawback is that if you do any kind of screen capture utilizing PowerPoint, you’ll need to keep a 16:9 resolution screen on hand, otherwise your video is going to get extended.

Individual Financing


wealthfront banking

I have actually kept away from stock investing for the previous 6 years.

Particularly since of a disappointment with a monetary consultant, integrated with not understanding what the hell I’m doing.

We’ll speak about this later on.

Now, let’s get this straight, I still do not understand what the hell I’m doing, and you need to presume that any individual financing details you obtain from a person who ranks weight-loss tablets on the web is suspect.

However I’m a fan of the entire robo-investment technique that assists laypersons like me produce a well balanced portfolio, does tax-loss harvesting, re-invests, and rebalances immediately.

Dip Into your own danger, and all that, yadda yadda …



strategene health

A few years ago I mentioned 23 and Me DNA sequencing as a preferred purchase of that year.

What Strategene does is it runs a comparable DNA saliva-type test through a gene-sequencing software application and produces a report of all your gene variations.

Ok, fantastic, so what does that suggest?

Well, I’m big-time into biohacking and I understand that I need to be sleeping well, getting adequate vitamins, and so on. however that’s recommendations for everyone, isn’t it?

Understanding your gene map informs you what your own body lacks and what you can do to supplement and enhance.

And I can inform you, I feel and look a lot various than I did in 2015.

Keep in mind, Strategene spits out a good report, however you’ll 10 x the worth from it by talking with an informed doctor who focuses on this sort of things. I can offer a recommendation if you’re interested.

Yoga Tune Up Balls

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball

If you like a bit of self-inflicted S&M, these little balls (not the red gag balls that enter your mouth) do marvels for launching tight muscles– specifically in your feet, glutes, and I.T. bands.

Action on them and roll them around at your standing or sitting desk.

It injures while you’re doing it, however feels remarkable after.

Philips goLITE BLU

Philips goLITE BLU

I place this light about 45 degrees to the side of my face and turn it on in the early morning for 20 minutes.

What it does is informs your body, “Hey, it’s day time. Get up and provide this male some energy and produce from vitamin D.”

It’s a fantastic replacement for caffeine and a total hack when it pertains to resetting your clock when you’re jet-lagged.

Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts

RESCUE_Liquid_Melts_Night_28_US_01 Naturally, we can’t have an item suggestion list from me that does not include sleep hacking.

I seem like I have actually got my sleep quite called in.

However, like a lot of you, in some cases I get up in the middle of the night (typically to drain pipes the lizard) and simply can’t fall back to sleep.

cant go back to sleep meme

Pop among these under your tongue and the wonderful oils simply provide me adequate of a push to relax my monkey mind and return to sleep, when in a pinch.

Home Entertainment

Steezy– Online Dance Studio


This thing conserved my life throughout lockdowns in March and April.

You might not understand this, however I have actually been associated with a street dance called “Popping” given that I was 19 years of ages.

You might state I’m retired from it nowadays, however from time-to-time, I still like to suffice up.

My better half and I entered into Steezy throughout the lockdown and it was a blast.

You can gain from actually the very best dancers in any street dance category from their extraordinary platform.


Shoe Pet Dog– Phil Knight

shoe dog just do it book

Composed by the creator of Nike, he takes you through the conception and development of the world-famous Nike brand name.

It’s a reward to check out (99% sure its ghostwritten) and you’ll like every minute of it.

What I like finest about this book is that it actually humanizes this concept we have of mega-successful creators.

Much like a lot of you who are figuring things out along the method, Knight was the exact same.

Cash Master the Video Game– Tony Robbins

MONEY Master the Game This was my very first Tony Robbins book.

Unsure why. I think I had a subconscious clog since my very first encounter with him was from “Shallow Hal”.

I read this book at the correct time.

After informing myself for 6-years that “stocks are expensive” and “I’ll have a look whenever we see a dip” … well, the dip took place, so I dug in.

I like the investing approach of this book: low charge index funds + variety + long hold time = winning.

And given that checking out Cash Master the Video game, naturally, a lot of individual financing books state the exact same thing– since it’s the most effective technique (for the masses) to date.

However as you can anticipate from somebody like Tony, he puts an enthusiasm into it which, I got ta state, gets you pumped up.

Angel– Jason Calacanis

Angel How to Invest in Technology Startups book

Angel investing resembles playing the lotto, however with much better chances, if you understand what you’re doing.

I would like to know what I’m doing when I’m positioning huge bets, so I took my friend Travis Jamison‘s recommendations and got this book.

Angel is a no-bullshit playbook for angel financial investment from among the very best angels in the Silicon Valley.

Extremely suggested.

Pass Away with Absolutely No– Costs Perkins

Die with Zero bok

In spite of my last 2 books being suggestions on how to masse adequate cash to rule deep space, this one has to do with investing it.

Not on “things”, however the experiences that actually improve your life.

The primary thesis is that cash has more worth to you when you’re young.

For instance, $10 k can produce a top-notch dream vacation for my household snowboarding and snowboarding in the French Alps.

However when I’m 80, that $10 k is going to diapers.

Much better to invest it now when its going to produce the most pleasure in your life, instead of crowd all of it for a day that might never ever even come.

Thanks for reading. For more motivation, examine back on the previous years.

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