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Wed. Feb 24th, 2021
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Pinterest is releasing 3 brand-new functions for boards that permit users to make more efficient usage of their time on the platform.

Pinterest boards are seeing a rise in usage since late, as the business reports a 35% year-over-year boost in the variety of boards developed monthly.

There’s a specific boost in brand-new board productions in the following classifications:

  • House enhancement
  • At-home exercises
  • Infant items
  • Vital items
  • Presents

The above classifications have actually likewise seen rises in searches and conserved pins. Furthermore, Pinterest highlights substantial development in the varieties of boards developed for these items:

  • 36% boost in house design
  • 44% boost in appeal
  • 95% boost in ladies’s style
  • 83% boost in daily necessary items
  • 70% boost in household Christmas presents

Offered the increase in brand-new board productions, and the classifications they’re being developed for, Pinterest is launching brand-new functions developed around assisting users get more out of their boards.

Pinterest is updating boards with the following brand-new functions:

  • Notes to self straight on pins.
  • Capability to preferred particular pins in a board.
  • A toolbar with fast access to board functions.

Here’s more about each of the functions released by Pinterest today.


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New Characteristic For Pinterest Boards

Notes to Self

Within the conserved pins screen there’s a brand-new area where users can include personal notes to themselves. This makes it simpler to for them to review the pin and keep in mind why they waited in the very first location.

Pinterest Boards Upgraded With 3 New Features

This might show to be helpful on celebrations where individuals conserve item pins to purchase as presents, however later on can’t remember who each present is for. Naturally, that’s not info the user would wish to publish openly, so a personal note would be a terrific service.


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That’s simply the very first the very first concept that entered your mind because we remain in the gift-giving season. Definitely users will discover other usages for notes-to-self once the function is out for a while.

New Board Toolbar

Pinterest is making boards simpler to browse with a brand-new toolbar at the top of the screen revealing all actions that can be handled a board.

The toolbar offers users fast access to actions such as:

  • Organizing pins
  • Checking out more concepts connected to pins
  • Seeing notes
  • Order of business
  • and more

Pinterest Boards Upgraded With 3 New Features

Board Favorites

Pinterest is checking a function that permits users to mark leading pins as a preferred by tapping a star icon on the pins in their board. Then users can rapidly discover them once again by arranging boards by preferred pins.


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Pinterest states active boards include approximately more than 150 pins. Offered the size of Pinterest boards nowadays it seems like this function is long past due.

Pinterest Boards Upgraded With 3 New Features

More Details On Emerging Patterns

Pinterest provides more information on each of the emerging patterns discussed at the start of this short article.


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  • Children: There’s been a historic rise in boards developed for child items in the previous 6 months. The number Pinterest boards with titles consisting of “child items” have actually grown 78 x.
  • House Enhancement: Recently developed boards for house enhancement tasks are up, consisting of “homeschool space style” (11 x), “furnishings tasks” (+68%), and “little house health clubs” (+48%).
  • At-home exercises: Recently developed health and health boards are up, with titles such as “exercise videos” (6x), “fitness center exercise for novices” (7x), and “grounding workouts” (5x).

Source: Pinterest Newsroom

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