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Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021
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Google’s John Mueller recommends website owners that getting rid of all remarks from a site might negatively affect search rankings.

Mueller provides this suggestions throughout the Google Browse Central SEO hangout taped on February 5.

A concern is sent by a website owner asking whether blog site remarks are factored into Google’s search rankings. They wish to get rid of remarks from their website and ask if that can be done without losing rankings.

The brief responses are:

  • Yes, Google aspects remarks into the ranking of websites.
  • No, it’s not likely remarks can be gotten rid of from a website without affecting its rankings.

For more context on each of these points, continue checking out the next area.


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John Mueller on Removing Remarks

Mueller does not make any suggestions on getting rid of remarks or not. That depends on each private website owner to choose.

In his reaction to the concern, Mueller provides information that can assist notify the choice of whether to go through with getting rid of remarks.

Website owners need to understand that Google sees remarks as part of the material. If a remark consists of info a searcher is trying to find then it can assist a page get appeared in search results page.

Nevertheless, Mueller keeps in mind that Google has the ability to differentiate the remark area from the primary material, so remarks up being dealt with in a different way.

There are cases where remarks can be important to pages if they use extra info beyond what is consisted of in the primary material. However that’s not constantly the case, and often they use little to no worth.


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Mueller recommends taking a look at the inquiries causing pages on a website to approximate what the effect of erasing all remarks may be.

You might discover that info in your pages’ remarks is helping searchers with different inquiries. From there you can determine the very best action to consider your website.

” I believe it’s eventually as much as you. From our viewpoint we do see remarks as a part of the material. We do likewise, oftentimes, acknowledge that this is in fact the remark area so we require to treat it somewhat in a different way. However eventually if individuals are discovering your pages based upon the remarks there then, if you erase those remarks, then certainly we would not have the ability to discover your pages based upon that.

So that’s something where, depending upon the kind of remarks that you have there, the quantity of remarks that you have, it can be the case that they supply considerable worth to your pages, and they can be a source of extra info about your pages, however it’s not constantly the case.

So that’s something where I believe you require to take a look at the contents of your pages in general, the inquiries that are causing your pages, and consider which of these inquiries may disappear if remarks were not on those pages any longer. And based upon that you can attempt to determine what to do there.”

Mueller concludes his declaration by advising everybody that Google does not overlook remarks.

If you pick to erase remarks it’s affordable to anticipate a minimum of some modifications with concerns to browse rankings.

” It’s definitely not the case that we totally overlook all of the discuss a website. So simply blindly going off and erasing all of your remarks in the hope that absolutely nothing will alter– I do not believe that will take place.”

Hear Mueller’s complete reaction in the video listed below: ZIcLtA

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