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Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
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Meta keywords are meta tags that you can utilize to provide online search engine more info about a page’s material. They’re discovered in a web page’s HTML source code, and are not noticeable to visitors.

Here’s an example of a meta keywords tag:

<< meta name=" keywords" material=" seo, seo"/>>

It’s simple to include meta keywords in the majority of site home builders and CMS‘, however should you trouble?

Do you still require to utilize meta keywords?

Google hasn’t utilized the meta keywords tag to assist rank websites for a minimum of a years. We understand this since Matt Cutts, Google’s previous Head of the Webspam Group, launched a video in 2009 where he stated:

[…] we do not utilize the keywords meta tag in our search ranking

Fast-forward to 2020, and according to a recent Twitter poll by Expense Slawski, the majority of SEO specialists no longer utilize the meta keywords tag.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to bear in mind that there’s more to SEO than Google, so there are a number of reasons that you may still wish to utilize the keywords meta tag.

1. It might still be utilized by Yandex

Yandex is the Web’s biggest Russian online search engine, with a market share roughly equal to that of Google’s in Russia. Their main documents states that meta keywords “Can be utilized when figuring out the page’s importance to browse inquiries.”

Does this mean that meta keywords are a tested ranking consider Yandex search? No. However as that page has actually just been live because late-2018, the info is most likely still precise.

However, as one individual pointed out on Twitter, it’s most likely a low-weight element.

If you wonder about other search engines, it appears like none of the significant ones utilize meta keywords:


In 2014, Bing mentioned in a blog post that the meta keywords tag is “dead in regards to SEO worth.” This was efficiently verified in 2020 when Bing’s Head of Ministration tweeted the very same thing.

Nevertheless, in 2011, Bing hinted that it might be utilized as a spam signal to assist recognize low-grade pages. It’s unidentified whether that’s still the case, however it’s absolutely not a ranking factor.


In 2012, a Baidu engineer stated in their web designer neighborhood that “Meta keywords have actually long remained in the trash stack of history, and we will neglect them straight.”


According to Wikipedia, Naver deals with 74.7% of all web searches in South Korea. And while we could not discover a conclusive declaration about their usage of the meta keywords tag, there’s absolutely no reference of meta keywords throughout their extensive documentation on enhancing your site.

Considered that reality, we can presume it’s either not utilized or is an extremely low-weight element.

2. It’s utilized for some internal website searches

Most popular CMS‘ do not utilize the meta keywords tag for internal website searches, however some internal search systems can, consisting of SOLR, Algolia, and ones constructed on Elasticsearch.

If any of these power your internal search, you may require to utilize the keywords meta tag.

Other usage cases for meta keywords

You have actually most likely understood by now that the majority of people do not require to utilize the keywords meta tag, however there are a number of things you can utilize it for.

1. Produce an internal tagging system

Numerous CMS‘ and site home builders make it simple to include meta keywords to pages, as do lots of complimentaryWordPress SEO plugins This makes it simple to ‘repurpose’ the tag for an internal keyword tagging system. Simply set the tag as your target keyword on each page.

For instance, if our page’s target keyword was “SEO tips,” it ‘d appear like this:

<< meta name=" keywords" material=" seo pointers"/>>

If you do this on every page, it’ll be simple to examine whether you have actually currently targeted a keyword in the future. Simply crawl your website with an auditing tool like Ahrefs’ Site Audit, then usage Page Explorer to search for pages with your keyword in the meta keywords tag.

1 page explorer keywords

There are 3 factors it can be helpful to do this:

  1. Assistance avoid keyword cannibalization. Keyword cannibalization is where a site targets the very same keyword throughout several pages. It can trigger all type of concerns, like unfavorable pages outranking preferable pages.
  2. Prevent overlapping work. If you operate in enterprise SEO, there are most likely lots of people and groups dealing with comparable things. Having an internal keyword tagging system assists avoid several groups from targeting the very same keyword.
  3. Discover partnership chances. If you see that you’re not ranking well for among your keywords, you may wish to work together with another group to enhance and upgrade your material.

Feel in one’s bones that there’s one possible disadvantage to utilizing the meta keywords tag for this function, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

2. Discover ‘seed’ keywords from rivals

Expense Slawski’s recent Twitter poll reveals that approximately 33% of individuals still utilize the keywords meta tag. As a few of those individuals will unquestionably be your rivals, this can be available in rather convenient for discovering ‘seed keywords’ throughoutkeyword research Simply search for the keywords meta tag on your rival’s homepage.

For instance, here’s the keywords meta tag for the homepage of a popular toy shop:

2 meta keywords homepage

It notes a lot of toy-related keywords like toys, climbing up devices, climbing up frames, video games, inflatables, pre school, sandboxes, slides, and so on

Paste any pertinent ones into a keyword research tool like Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer and pick a keyword concepts report. You’ll discover thousands or perhaps millions keyword concepts– total with approximated month-to-month search volumes and SEO metrics.

3 meta keywords seeds

You can utilize the integrated filters to narrow your search.

For instance, here are all the keywords connected to hand puppets with low Keyword Difficulty ratings.

4 keyword research filters

Feel in one’s bones that you may require to examine a couple of websites prior to you discover any helpful seed keywords since lots of fill their keywords meta tags with scrap or leave them empty.

How to get rid of meta keywords

Considered that you can utilize the meta keywords to ‘spy’ on your rivals’ keywords, they can likewise do the very same for you. Because of that, unless you have a genuine factor to utilize it, you may wish to get rid of any sticking around meta keywords from your site.

However initially, you require to discover them …

You can do this totally free withAhrefs Webmaster Tools Simply register, crawl your site with Ahrefs’ Site Audit, then utilize these filters in Page Explorer:

5 meta keywords site audit

You’ll see a list of all pages on your site that have a meta keywords tag.

6 pages with meta keywords

If there are no outcomes, there are no pages with the tag.

From there, all you require to do is gone through and get rid of the tags from any upseting pages.

Feel in one’s bones that this most likely isn’t worth doing if you have a huge site with keywords meta tags on every page. Nevertheless, if you see the very same meta keywords throughout all pages, possibilities are it’s being pulled from one area in your CMS or template/theme. In which case, you can likely eliminate it from all pages by modifying simply one piece of code.

That stated, it deserves keeping in mind that having meta keywords tags on your website is not likely to have an unfavorable SEO effect. Unless you’re excessively worried about rivals ‘taking’ your keywords, your time is most likely much better invested in other places.

Last ideas

For 99.9% of individuals, the meta keywords tag is ineffective, and filling it out is a wild-goose chase. You need to just utilize it if you have a specific factor to do so, like utilizing it for an internal keyword tagging system or an internal website search.

Other meta tags like your title and meta description are worthy of more attention.

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