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Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
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WordPress 5.6.1, which lots of websites auto-updated to, has actually presented a bug that makes it hard to conserve a post. A momentary spot has actually been produced to attend to the concern however it’s not a main upgrade to fix the issue.

Modifications You Made May Not Be Conserved

A bug presented into the current variation of WordPress, variation 5.6.1 triggers an alert to turn up when trying to browse away, regardless if the post has actually been conserved or not.

The bug was reported in a WordPress assistance page:

” I am getting the turn up “Leave Website? Modifications you made might not be conserved. All the time, if I alter a page or not, and if I conserve (release or upgrade) the page or not.

This started after the 5.6.1 upgrade today. I have 2 websites, with 2 various styles, both with the traditional editor 1.6 and it acts the very same on both.

It does this in Chrome, it does refrain from doing it in Firefox.”


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The truth that it does not take place in Firefox is intriguing since, according to Mozilla documentation, Firefox manages specific elements of the dump occasion in a different way from Chrome because Chrome does not have specific functions.

This is not a Chrome concern nevertheless. I’m just explaining why a bug might appear in Chrome however not in Firefox.

Unload Occasions Bug in WordPress Modifying Window?

The notification belongs to what’s called an “dump occasion” that sets off a caution when a publisher attempts to browse far from a window, normally when something is left reversed.

The precise caution message set off is:

” Leave Website? Modifications you made might not be conserved.”

The bug manifests itself in both posts and pages. However some publishers have actually reported that the bug is just present when modifying page material and works fine when modifying post material.


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According to numerous reports the bug might be set off by modifying associated plugins like Tiny MCE and Advanced Customized Fields. Shutting off those plugins stops the dump message from generating.

A publisher reported in the personal Advanced WordPress Facebook group that switching off the Advanced Customized Fields plugin stopped the caution from generating.

However the issue is not with the plugins themselves. The issue seems within the WordPress core itself which is triggering the issue to manifest in various modifying associated windows.

One publisher reported relief by switching on the Gutenberg modifying environment:

” Do You Wish to Leave This Website? Modifications you made might not be conserved” Alert notification on leaving upgraded pages (however not posts) after 5.6.1 upgrade when utilizing traditional editor. … Disappears when Gutenberg is turned back on.”

Another publisher noted that WordPress modifying associated plugins appeared to activate the bug:

” Update: It appears like the user needs to await TinyMCE to totally fill prior to making a modification, otherwise the script does not take his modification into account.

A great visual tip is the dropshadow of toolbar which dispear once the editor is properly initialized.”

One user submitted a video of a walkthrough demonstrating how the bug is generated. In the video the publisher picks a file to modify and goes into the modifying window.

The publisher next presses the upgrade button to conserve the page. They next click a link to browse far from the modifying window.

However that act triggers the dump alerting message to generate.


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Below is an animated gif of the film that was submitted revealing the walkthrough of the bug:

Screenshot Animation of WordPress 5.6.1 Modifying Window Bug

GIF Animation of WordPress 5.6.1 editing window bug

Short-term Option Has Actually Been Published

A spot has actually been published to WordPress, however it is not a main repair.


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This version of the patch is totally practical. It’s code that requires to be placed into the functions.php file.

There is another patch that was shared that addresses an extra concern however it has actually not been totally checked.

WordPress 5.6.1 “Modifications Not Conserved” Bug

If the concern is preventing your workflow, there are actions that can be taken. One suggested action might be to wait to make certain that all modifying associated plugins are totally packed. Other actions consist of disabling modifying associated plugins or switching on Gutenberg.

There is a spot that can be used to functions.php and last but not least one can await a main spot.

Film Demonstrating How WordPress 5.6.1 Bug is Activated


WordPress Assistance Page Conversation
Changes You Made May Not Be Saved


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Authorities WordPress Bug Report Page
“Leave site? Changes you made may not be saved” on custom taxonomy pages after WP 5.6.1 update

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